Half of Rhubaba – Catherine Payton, Claire Davies, Frances Stacey, Rachel Adams and Tom Nolan – are conducting a month long residency with the Skatfell Centre for Visual Arts in Seydisfjordur, Iceland.  nothing new under the sun collates the research material that is being consumed in the former house of Birgir Andréssen and documents our Icelandic adventures.  Over the course of the month nothing new under the sun will develop into a space where sources intermingle and an inter-connective narrative evolves.



An exhibition of new work by

Rachel Adams | Claire Davies | Catherine Payton | Tom Nolan | Frances Stacey

5th – 19th June
Thursday – Saturday, 12-5pm

PREVIEW – 5/6/10, 7-9pm

The Duchy
23, Duke Street
G4 0UL

The exhibition is the product of a research-led residency conducted earlier this year in Iceland. It takes as its departure point the mass of sources pooled together by the artists through a methodology of group research, communal dialogues and discussion. The residency project led to the development of an online archive (thisisnothingnew.wordpress.com): a space in which documents are exploded – blown into fragments in order to piece together new meanings and inter-connective narratives.

Moments from the archive become the catalyst for new work: the flailing blinds of a blown up office block; a neon vagina in a love shop; piss icicles blur with NASA imagery; thirty year-olds renew on carousel; the improbable predictions of James Dean’s death, and the colours of Jenny Agutter’s tiny costumes – minor characters of the research become elevated to the status of chief protagonist. Through the deliberate corruption of these archival documents the works on show collectively aspire to a depiction of a ‘visionary present’.


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