In caravan 28 lives an old lady who looks three times the size she actually is because of the amount of clothes she wears to keep warm. She rarely leaves her caravan due to the fact that she can’t fit through the door and so has to have food delivered to her every other day. Luckily, she is an avid knitter and knits many a fresh blanket to swathe about her person. But at the rate she is going (a new blanket every month) it is expected that she will fill her small caravan, leaving no room for manoeuvre within another two years and seven months. When asked by a concerned friend whether she would not be warmer in a house she said that no, she would not leave her caravan for anything; come hell or high water. If she’s still alive in two years and seven months, covert plans are being made for her removal. Sympathetic parties have suggested an extension, but the exact means of help cannot be decided upon. It may come to a vote. But on the whole it seems that people are hoping it won’t come to all that.


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